About Forestry Mulching


What is Forestry Mulching?

Forestry Mulching is land clearing made simple and environmentally friendly. Keystone Landworks' equipment removes brush and selected trees flush with the ground in just one operation. Desirable trees are saved and unwanted vegetation is turned into mulch!

Why use a Forestry Mulcher?

We eliminate the cost and land damage from using a track loader, bulldozer, excavator, grinder, and trucks to haul off the waste. The low ground pressure of our equipment also greatly minimizes soil disturbance. Left over mulch acts as an erosion barrier keeping valuable topsoil in place and returning nutrients to the ground.

Keystone Landworks - More than Forestry Mulching?

Yes, we do more than forestry mulching! A forestry mulcher only removes brush and trees down to ground level. For some projects this is all that is needed for other projects we dig out stumps and mulch those as well. Do you have trees you want removed but want to keep the wood? Okay, we can buck and stack wood for your later use.

Who benefits from Forestry Mulching?

  • Real estate agents and property owners can realize faster sales at higher values. Improved appearance and accessibility allows buyers to imagine the full potential of a property.

  • Farmers, do you have a field that's not been touched in years? Trees too big for a brush hog? Unwanted brush and trees encroaching on fields, creeks, roads, or fence lines? In as little as a day our equipment can do what might take weeks by hand with a chainsaw.

  • Home owners can stop mowing around overgrown areas when we help you reclaim your land, often in less than a day. Gain more usable property while eliminating habitat for ticks and other pests. According to the CDC there is more tick-borne disease in Pennsylvania than any other state in America.  Let's get rid of their habit near your home.

  • Facility Managers need a cost effective way of maintaining wooded areas. Do you have unsightly fallen trees in wooded areas? Or worse yet, widow makers that could fall at any minute. Could your wooded areas be enhanced with a walking trail or open area with picnic tables?

  • Outdoor Enthusiasts can enjoy trails for riding a horse, an ATV, or walking admiring the view. Are you one of approximately one million hunters in Pennsylvania? A forestry mulcher can prepare land for a food plot in about a day. How many weekends would it take with a chainsaw? Keystone Landworks can save you what is most valuable, your time!

These are  just a few ways Keystone Landworks can improve your property.